Colorimetry 100 % under control at Imprimerie Coopérative des Sucs

"The platform is now part of our everyday life . Once you enjoyed it, I’m afraid  you are addicted..."

The Imprimerie Coopérative des Sucs (ICS) based at Yssingeaux ( France 43) , meets a challenge which is worth being applauded. The first SCOP in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes was borned in August, 2016, resumed by 16 employees of the Phil Print company, then in judicial liquidation. Today, the company accounts 20 people.

We met Jean-Marc Marzona, his manager, who endowed the printing office of UC Plaform to improve the quality of its printed matters.

A very positive assessment : he explains the benefits of UC Platform which, besides the the colorimetry optimization, had a very positive economic and ecological impact on his production.

Axiom Graphic takes control of the quality of all its graphic chain thanks to UC Platform

Axiom Graphic is a printing office traditional labour  borned 31 years ago. For 3 years, it has been developing an ascent of its value chain to pass of a platform of production to a person receiving benefits of solutions of innovative communications.

Interview of Dominique Settbon, CEO for 4 years: return on the implementation of a rigorous and methodological approach,  in the service of the quality, which allowed to optimize its production.

"UC Platform allowed to resume the hand on the quality of the productions meadow media and press, to win in costs on our wedgings and paper consumptions, and to join so the current concept of reduction of the ecological footprint. "

 LVMH Group uses UC Platform to reduce the number of « Make ready for printing » of its printings packaging and PLV

The Head of Graphic Communications for the set of the lines of prestigious subsidiary set up UC Platform for one of its references. She kindly agreed to testify on her choice.

" UC Platform for the brandowners, is the guarantee to anticipate problems inherent to the impression, a thorough approach in our exchanges with the suppliers, and a time saving, thus money saving. "

Graph 2000 builds on the quality and the development of its productivity with UC Platform

"The solution is immediately profitable by the gains it generates."

Discover our Marc Robert's interview , a solid, human and pragmatic business manager, who explains how Graph 2000 adopted a quality strategy while optimizing the productivity of its 3 production sites of printed communication.


He chose UC Platform as several reasons : in a few words, he explains the context of the project, its implementation and the functional and financial profits  which were noticed after the deployment of the solution.

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